Proudly Engineered
and Made in Austria

Our Mission

Bringing together the gun manufacturing heritage of Austria, best available state of the art materials and skills of Austrian gun engineers to develop AR15 platform-based riffles addressing the needs of sport shooters and for the Military&Law Enforcement applications.

Company History

We have been running a milling and engineering business since 1999 and producing high-end, quality parts for the defense, aeronautics, and transportation industries. In 2008, another significant investment in one of the largest milling companies took place. Since then, our production facilities have developed to fully automated production with more than forty CNC machines based on the latest available robotics and technology. Our production facilities are EN ISO 9001 certified and are undergoing the certification cycle on a yearly base.
In 2016, the brand Alpen Arms was created and dedicated entirely to arms development and production for sporting, defense, and law enforcement applications in Austria. In 2019, after three years of extensive research and development and countless prototypes to identify the best materials and processing methods, a new family of rifles in multiple calibers was born and released to the market.

Accuracy, Reliability, Quality
With Every Single Shot In Any Situation.

Alpen Arms “ARQ Process”

– Mandatory proof house pressure test
– Testing the accuracy and function of every single gun
– A certificate with a unique control number for verification.

Austian Quality

The designing, engineering, producing, assembling, coating, and marking of each gun is entirely within the control and premises of Alpen Arms, and each gun was exclusively made in Austria.

Ferlach barrels

We use Ferlach-produced cold-hammered barrels for our sporting rifles.

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